Brian's Breweriana Collection

A sampling of the beer advertising items and breweriana out of my collection. Some uncommon to rare and some are just my favorites.

He truely has some great things! I was fortunate enough to get a personal tour of his collection! I'm also a collector of Walter beer items from all of the Walter breweries.... if anyone has anything to show or sell, please let me know!!! Jim Walters (608) 617-0622 or wpasretlaw@maqs.net


great collection, i have a walters beer case for 24 smalls, some have caps most bottles have labels, i'll be selling them at a local flea market this sunday case in rough cond. and i have cone top can i'll be selling for 4 bucks each. thanks for sharing. jerry

Paul Schrantz

Is the Koch's Gallon Can for Sale?


awesome collection. what does a walter vitrolite go for ? thanx jeff

Mark Matzenger

Cool Site ! Keep up the good work.

TOP SHELF COLLECTION.You got the good Stuff!

Thanks. Punch Boards were gambling devices from 1905 to about 1940ish and you punched out a hole in the device and there was a piece of paper in it with a number or symbol on it. If it matched what was listed on the punchboard, you won beer, money, cigarettes, etc. The Blatz punch board cost a nickle to play. Punch boards with beer cans or beer bottles on them are pretty difficult to find. I have about 20 of them.

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Very cool vintage stuff--and on-grade. Thanks for posting such beauties!