Blaction- Black Action Figures


Love it, excellent!! I'm a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. Have you seen on of my 12" brothers in full outfit?


i love that you have the man in black up there


I began with Ripcord from the GI Joe movie with Marlon Wayans and Luke Cage. My colelction has now grown to include 2 versions of Steel, as well as several incarnations of John Stewart Green Lantern. It would be cool to discuss your collection and various conventions. I'm on Facebook and Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/richard.m.jones.10?ref=tn_tnmn AND https://twitter.com/mohouze404


I didn't see this in your collection. York action figure - http://www.historynetshop.com/ayfs.htm Amazon also has a number of black GI Joe 12' action figures. I recommend the Tuskegee Pilots. I'm so jealous of you Alvin Ailey Barbie. That is wonderful piece.




Are any of these for sale? I would love to have a few for my son because his birthday is coming up and he would love them. Please contact me by email if any of them are for sale or if you know of other places i can purchase some like these. i can be contacted at sisterkitami@yahoo.com. thank you!

RL Steve

Darryl First off great collection. I have beeen collecting AA action figures for about 15 years as well and have amassed quite a large collection. Because my career has me moving often I have not had a serious display for over 10 years, but seeing you collection has inspired me to start taking photos of mine with the hopes of some day displaying again. It has been a fwe years looking forward to updates to your collection.

RL Steve

David your figure is the 12in G I Joe called Stalker


ive been searching all over the web to find out about a black actionman figure i had in the mid 1990's, he was the usual height, grey camo trousers and a black canvas jacket, black fuzzy hair and a painted on moustache, he also came with a display stand, black material bergen and a sound effect rifle. anybody know anything about this? only looking to see how much its worth??

Sterling Ashby

Have you seen: • History In Actions Toys (www.hiatoys.com) • Interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSmV7vdTgD4)