My Disney snowglobes

different snowglobes from disney in various sizes. mainly over 9" tall.

do you know of any websites I can find the value of a snow globe ? The one I have is tinkerbell and her friends, there are 3 globes, one with flying tink and a fairy in weach othe rbulb

On Dec 10, 2013

Dear Susan i have the Alice in Wonderland globe for a couple of years now and it stood in a glas cabinet and now i saw when i was moving that the water in the glas was yellow and that the colours of Alice in the glas bubble were changed. Is there some way i can fix this ? Does this happened due to the sun?

On Dec 8, 2013

You have a large collection so perhaps you can tell me. Have you ever purchased a new globe from Disney that appears to have been repaired. Do they repair returns and put them back into genereal stock ?

Shauneene Clarke

Hi I ave a large collection of Disney snowglobes around 200 that I would like to sell. All different sizes, some of them rare. Do u know where I could sell these at a fair price as I no longer collect. Email me at Shauneene@hotmail if anyone knows where to sell or are looking for a special one that I might have. I can then email u some pictures. Many thanks.

It depends on witch one you are locking for, but now and then they actually are for sale on disneystore again. But ebay is always the best choice :-)


Do you know any place where i can get them that isn't ebay?

No. They would be in markedplace if they were


are any for sale?

Thank you Dena. No i don`t. Sorry:)


Great collection. Do you have two of any?