Mood Dragons of the Month Collection

Each Mood Dragon has it's own character and month.

I have comfy&cozy,nappy,cranky,pouty &,stinky. I also have naughty but it has cracked wing.

Robin Eckstein

looking for naughty,stinky,and nappy dragon


Hello there Donna not sure what you mean when you say Tag. Are you talking about the paper that comes with the mood dragons?


Hi. I was wondering if anyone might have, or know where I could get an original tag for the May mood dragon. I recently purchased the set but unfortunately this tag could not be found. Appreciate any assistance. I also have doubles of four...though I can't recall which ones...so if anyone is looking for one let me know and I'll check them.


i have all the months and some of the other limited edition ones like cranky with pictures and all are in mint condition. I am looking to sell them. shoot me an email if interested


Great collection, Sergio! These are awesome to see.

Perfect, collection! I liked all the alternate views as it game me a better picture of these beautiful creatures (which I had not heard of before). Thanks, Sergio!