Sinclair Oil Collectibles

The Sinclair Oil Company began using a dinosaur as its logo in 1930 and has continued to use dinosaurs to promote its products.

How do you really know what an item is worth. I have coasters (6), lighters, pencils, a radio an other items.

On Nov 16, 2014

I have a sinclair dinosaur soap i the original box....i am trying to find out what it is worth

Good Morning, This is my first posting to this neat blog. I just came across a 45 rpm sized 33 rpm record disc on cardboard. It is " Sinclair Special Record Preview - TV Spectacular featuring Andy Williams and All-Star Cast. Found it this past Monday at a local Goodwill store here in Jackson, MS. Anyone familiar with it? Would be glad to post a picture, but I am not sure if it is allowed on this website. Thanks. Nathaniel, aka Shutterbug


Hello! I am looking for a few or at least one of the Sinclair 2"x8" "Detergent Additive" stickers. Can anyone help me? -Thanks!


Hi . I am in posession of what I would refer to as a Sinclair Oil Co. employee dress training mannequin . The mannequin is approximately 3 feet tall and dressed like the figure on the front of the coloring book above. It is in excellent condition and from what I understand was 1 of only 4 made between 1930 and 1950 . These were given to their regional managers to show how employees should dress . It is my understanding that it is now the only one left in existence . Could anyone assist me in pinning down a value for it , or direct me to a reputable person who could give me an accurate value? Any information you have would be much appreciated . Thank you


Re: last post- my email is marski@msn.com


Anyone know of a gas station Dino for sale. Just built a patio and would love one for displaY. Thanks, Jim


I am looking for a sinclair dinosaur antenna ball. Any body have one they are willing to part with?


I have Sinclair lighter fluid can. Probably had it about 20 years. Anyone want to add to their collection?


I'm going through things from my parent's house and in a box of many keys I found two silver necklaces with a dinosaur like the Sinclair dino on a chain. They were separate bags. Since they were in with some keys I'm wondering if they were a giveaway from Sinclair. Anyone know anything about that?