TAKARA Breezy Singers Birds

Singing Bird collection by Takara.  Various species-specific bird series produced between 1991 and 2007 by Takara USA and Takara Japan.  All are battery operated and sing in response to sound or movement.  The early versions were not animated, but the later versions all incorporated realistic movement into the design.

What is the placement for the batteries in the Breezy Singers? My Takara singing bird needed the batteries replaces and I didn't watch how they came out and it doesn't work with the new batteries in it.

On Sep 13, 2014

Is anyone monitoring this sight? My Takara singing bird has quit. Anyone have any troubleshooting ideas?

On Sep 2, 2014

p.s. to Susan: ebay seems to have a lot of Breezy Singers.


After several years of uninterrupted service, my Breezy Singer has gone silent. I have replaced the two LR44 cell batteries and placed it back outside to absorb some sunlight, but so far no luck. (Or chirp.) Does the photo cell on top ever need replacing? I have no idea what I did with the original insert that came with the bird. Thanks!

Rene Chapelle

I have a Takara Breezy Singer Redstart. It is without battery. What type of battery should I buy? A box paper insert gives a long explanation how to safely replace the battery, but there is no mention of the battery type and voltage. I need your help. Thanks


Sorry, I meant Takara Breezy Singers.


i am looking to buy Tamara Breezy Singers. The company Tamara was bought by Tomy and I don't believe they make these motion activated birds anymore. All help appreciated.