My Teacups

This is my teacup collection. Believe it or not most of these came from a teacup collector before me.....I thought they were beautiful and each had distinctive colors. If you know anything about any of these feel free to comment or contact me.....

Nice start, My mother has over 1000 individual cup and saucer pairings with close to another 350 individual cups alone as well. Not to mention the 150 teapots and over 100 creamers. Pictures are not available at this time. But as she said, nice start.

On Dec 30, 2014

I have quite a few bone china tea cup sets for sale. I will be posting them on ebay shortly, so if anyone is interested please email me. stephaniedeitch@gmail.com

On Sep 10, 2014

I too have a collection startled for me as a young girl. I am living with my daughter so have no room to display them so am wondering how to value and sell them. Any help would be great.

I just finished looking at your collection. I'm drooling. How long did it take you to collect all these. I absolutely love your shelley pieces. I went to the Brimfield Antique Show in July and saw so many beautiful pieces. Very, very expensive.

Chuck Novisky

I have a collection of several hundred tea cups. I see several you got that I have. I'll photo them in the near future.

These are fabulous. Enchanticals


My girlfriend has a collection of prob around 50 or so mini tea cups and saucers, that her grandmother had collected throughout her life from all over the world. We are trying to find out what something like this is worth and have been having a hard time doing so. If anyone can help, or point us in the right direction she would greatly appreciate it. Thank You for your time.

Irene Jardim

You have beautiful pieces. I live in Brazil and I have a collection of cups (coffee and tea). Come and visit my blog about my collection and, if you want, leave a comment there. I am glad in knowing that there is people who loves the same pieces I do.


I LOVE your collection! Teapots and teacups are just so charming. I've had to collect miniature teapots because I just don't have the room for full-sized ones, but if I ever clear out my china cabinet, I'd love to see it filled with teapots. Your Sadler teapot is absolutely beautiful!

Margaret S.

Love your collection. I collect tea cups and pots also. I'm out of room to display them.