M&M Dispensers

M&M Dispensers, large and small. Some very rare.

Multiple M&M collectable items for sale. Selling items separately or as a package. Some items are still in the original packaging and some dont have any packing. Please contact me if interested in any of the items. Prices very by item. 623-205-2297

6d 18h ago

Need to buy the danbury mint calendar for mm January figurine

On Oct 20, 2014

Does anyone have a m&m police car dispenser?? Leannerobinson79@hotmail.co.uk

On Oct 15, 2014

If you have m&m I will buy. Will pick up also. leaf.family12@gmail.com. Thank you

On Sep 26, 2014

I have a lot of m&m items that are in their original boxes and have never been open. i really want to get rid of them. not sure about how to go about it though do not have time to get on e bay and try to sell them. if any one is interested please feel free to email me at artishaallen13@gmail.com.

On Aug 20, 2014

I have boxes and boxes of m&m collectibles. I would like to sell. Would anyone be interested. Or know of someone?


I have a full bag of M & Ms in tge old packaging that say "Plain" before they switched to milk chocolate in 2000. Not sure what to do with them, anyone interested?

pat harden

I have been collecting since about the late 80's even have a green m&m tattoo......Thinking about selling some items not sure where to put pics or info......

bobby vereb

Hello.i also am a M&M lover and have a large M&M cuckoo clock and need the Pendulum part that hangs down...can you help me PLEEEASE? Regards, Bobby (My 10 grands call me M&M Pops)


Hi Rebekah by any chance do you still have the MandM for sale you can send me a text if they are still availble... Thanks....