Wants -- Vintage Training Bras

These are just a sample of the vintage training bras I need for my collection. Almost anything Teenform and Teencharm brand is desired. Other brands upon offer.

I was the same way!! I had an older cousin and she got her first bra and I wanted one so badly so I bugged my mom to get me one and so went to the store and I got my first training bra, a 28 AAA and I was was so excited and proud. I think I was 12 and I actually did not need one until I was 15. I wore it to bed, thinking that my boobs would grow if I slept in it. I was so stupid. I wonder if girls today cannot wait to get their first bra?


Oh my goodness Tammy! I'm pretty obsessed with 70's fashion full stop, but herevin the uk l too hankered after a proper bra in the 70's! We had home shopping catalogues and the girls bras were the first thing l went to. I so wanted one! I can remember the (drawn and colour sketches) so well from those catalogues. I got a Berlei bra first. 28aa!


Hi I found some 1930's training bras. They are very interesting. let me know if you are interested

Tammy M.

wow..I had no idea there was someone else who obssessed over training bras like I did back in the 70's! Growing up in TN whenever we'd shop at Zayre or a store called "The Treasury" Id RUSH straight to the training bra boxes and stare at them until my Mom would return from her shopping elsewhere in the store. Id daydream about the day Id actually get one! lol