Antique toasters from 1910 - 1960

Examples of appliances with color from these two major manufacturers .. late 1940s Kenmores on top shelf, mid 1950s Westinghouse on lower row. These are all automatic pop-up models.

Noticed several requests for persons who repair old elements etc on old toaters.I found a place yesterday that repairs old electric appliances.Donald Kehoe,McNichols Electric Service,13725 W.Nichols,Detroit,Mi,48325,800-562-4226


Hello...I have a vintage toaster just like the first one pictured here --> http://www.toastercentral.com/toaster30s.htm The element on the far right won't heat up. Any thoughts on what to try to get it working? I'm not a novice to electronic repairs, as this is what I am trained for, but when working with vintage, I want to do this right the first time. Thanks...Mo


Can you send some pictures of you MB toasters?


Caleb, I have several MBs from the 1920s - 1930s.


Do you have any Manning bowman toaster's from the 1920's?

Estate electric toaster

Estate Electric toaster 4 gate patent pending 1911. Want to sell please contact me. Thanks Manny Lymberopoulos


do you repair old toasters! if so please reply to my e mail

Bruce Coates

Cheryl, do you have a make and model # for your toaster/coffee hot plate? I might be able to do a little research or offer some insight with a bit more information. Perhaps you can also send me a picture or two as well? Bruce


I am looking for any information on a Toaster/Hot plate combo. It has a two slice toaster in the middle and two circular hot plates on either side. I believe these side plates were to hold the glass coffee pots. Perhaps, as a service set. Any information and/or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Gajcowskit

I have one of the first electric toasters anywhere from 1920 and wNt to get a price on it u can hot me up on my email