Dragons by Michael Whelan

From the acclaimed fantasy Artist, Michael Whelan. This dragon is accented w/24kt gold, and holds a sparkling faceted crystal orb, embellished w/a classic "Aurora Borealis" patina. Set on sculptured "flames" of full-lead crystal,w/holographic highlights.
Pamela Weems

Sarah - what is your e-mail address ?

Pamela Weems

Steve Ferrarie- Thank you so much for your post re the Forces of Destiny dragon by Michael Whelan ! I did not get notification of your post & just now saw it. Please call me ASAP if you still have the sculpture. My cell # is 205-540-5862. I really appreciate it !

Steve Ferrarie

Re: I am desperately seeking the "Forces of Destiny" dragon sculpture by Michael Whelan- Pamela Weens-My girlfriend Lynn and I believe that we have what you are looking for! Please contact us at 845-610-4062


I have the key to immortality sculpture that I am looking to sell. One of the wing tips chipped but it's not noticeable unless you look really close.


am looking desperately for Dragon! set...have the purple red gold and silver. if anyone is selling any of the others, please please email me lsbaker1989@hotmail.co.uk

SARAH!! I am interested in your dragons!!! Please email me at kylefillion85@gmail.com

PS: Lovely dragons Sergio :)

Hi Sarah - I would be interested in the "Prophecys Sword" one if you still have it. I can't see how to email you through the system, so please email me if you still have: anaangsul@gmail.com. Look forward to speaking with you.


I am looking at selling some of my dragons. I have the "Key to Immortality", "The Prophecies Sword", and the "Forces of Destiny". They are is good/great condition minus the little bit of dust from being displayed on the shelf. I unfortunately do not still have papers for them as I received them as a gift when I was 10. Please email me if you are interested.

Pamela Weems

I am desperately seeking the "Forces of Destiny" dragon sculpture by Michael Whelan. My son has the entire colection PLUS a bunch of other pieces. He just died traumatically & I am barely hanging in there.. I was trying to get them all cleaned off & into a curio cabinet for protection. The hourglass fell off the sculpture (I did not know it wasn't attached) & I am devastated that I have ruined his collection. If anyone has one that they would sell me, I would pay top dollar for it. Thank you so much & I pray to hear from someone soon. God bless you all, ~ Pamela