Skeleton clocks

Skeleton clocks are designed to show the clock mechanism which is usually hidden inside a conventional clock case. Therefor, the movement is finished in a decorative style with high quality finishes. Most of the clocks in my collection contain some unusual feature or mechanical complication like a remontoire (check my web site for more detail), special escapement or visual style. I have commissioned a very large and complex skeleton clock that will be one of the most complex made in the past 100 years. It will have about 300 wheels, 600 jewelled bearings and over 10,000 parts. More on my website at: www.my-time-machines.net. You will also find my collection of tower clocks there, a very large version of the skeleton clock. The clock featured in the recent Oscar nominated movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is there, Paramount Studios rented this clock for the movie.
walter jonckheere

all very superb