Voice-O-Graph Recordings

A collection of 1940s-1960s era recordings made in specially designed Voice-O-Graph booths by amateur vocalists and speakers, cut into 45-sized discs, playable on regular record players.
Donald Jsirandanis

I have just found a Voice O Graph recording labled 1941 in my late fathers belongings. He and my mother were on there honeymoon in NY cith then and this record says NY. I have tried to hear whar was on it but do not make it clear. Can you advise what I could or should do? Thanks Donald Resource57@msn.com


Phil Pennington, can you contact me about your unit - lloyd at coinopwarehouse dot com


Our family has a voice-o-graph that my father did and was played so much it was worn out. The lines still exist on the record, but it is split...I am wondering if it can be repaired so that my father's younger children can hear it? Please let me know. Thanks

Phil Pennington

I have found a old Willcox and Gay Recordio unit under my dad's home, He was in the Juke Box buisness years ago and had put it in his crawl space and forgot about it. I'm not sure what shape it is in, but mite be good for parts. I will be getting it out this week and will take pictures. E-mail me for more info. Thanks


I have a Voice-O-Graph record I found after my father died. How do you know if there is something recorded on the record?

Mathias Rodriguez

I have an original Voice-O-Graph record with no recording on it and original envelope and cardboards, both with no markings? stamps. Perfect Condition. Please EMAIL me!

Doris Cody

I have a 1957 voice-a-graph made by my dad, who is now deceased. What type machine will this play on? It was sent to me and I'd like to know what is on it.

david p

I recently purchased a coin-operated wilcox-gay recordio. It is just the upper portion. It may have some useful parts, I have not attempted to discover any at this time. (6/9/09) If there is any interest from the e-mail I will take pictures. Thanks


we have one. found it in a stack of old 45's. for sale.

eric bnrown

i have several of these discs in my possession and would like to know if you would be interested in obtaining them for your collection please respond back 2 me at my email and these items are in mint condition, voice o graphs r probroblly very cool but i am not a collector as urself...