Limited Edition Simba Plush and Muffy Comparison

The Limited Edition Simba plush is perfect size for the jumbo Mufasa plush. Standing next to one another, they are the same size difference as in the real movie. Just wish I could take Simba out of his box to get a photo of them sitting side-by-side. As far as the 2011 Lion King Merch. Line goes, these two are by FAR! the most important for any true TLK collector to have (according to my opinion). Simba is limited of only 3,500 world wide and I feel like Mufasa was even harder to come by! No one at Disney knew what I was talking about when I called or went to the store, even calling customer support online. I was lucky enough to come across Muffy online when I did because he sold out literally about 14 hours later.. and I ordered him at 4 in the morning! I wouldn't have been crushed if I couldn't have gotten the Limited Edition Simba, but I sure am lucky and glad that I did have the chance to get him, and at only $40! NOT FOR SALE   

That Mufasa is just amazing.