The Land Before Time PVC figures

These PVC figures are from 1988 from the original Land Before Time movie. I only know of these three (Spike, Cera, Little Foot), but I assume that figures were made of Ducky and Petrie too??

I just picked up the set of 3 at a thrift store. I might put them on eBay soon. They are stamped: "TM & © 1988 U.C.S. & Amblin China"


oh I would love if I were to sell, please contact me thanks loreruizp@hotmail.com

Susan Benham

Hello...I am looking for the PVC collectable of Cera...my daughter lost hers too...she carried it with her everywhere and was also crushed. I believe it came as a promotional from JC Penny for the movie...I have looked everywhere for one and went door to door at our apartments and sifted through sandboxes. My little girl is now 26 years old and married..I would dearly love to present her with Cera as a sentimental gift...nothing but that small PVC one will do! Surely there is one out there someone will sell me? Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Susan


Hi I was hoping you can tell me who makes that little foot figurine and the year. My son lost his at the park and is devastated. Now I'm scrambling around trying to replace it.

Hi Kana, I'm sorry, but I am not selling these. I would recommend looking for the Land Before Time Burger King Kids Meal toys - they are much more common and are usually easy to find at garage sales.