Douglas Cuddle Toys Life-Size Adult Simba

Omg. omg. I got him yesterday and I had to do a little dance when I put him onto my bed, which he stretches across (and it's a queen). This is the infamous Douglas Cuddle Toys, Inc Simba that was produced for the original release of the film and was very limited.  A fellow named Puma (who is now on this site) has provided the most amount of information on this plush (original link: http://addictinggames7.com/faq1/130323.htm). This Simba was only available initially through contests from Nestle, and then each Disney Store was given one as a promotional item.  This makes him super-limited and very few members of the public got one.  He's huge: 4 feet long with a 2 foot tail. Aside from his European counterparts, he is the biggest plush ever made.  this particular one is in fabulous condition: his mane isn't matted at all, and his plush is super-soft. no nicks or cuts anywhere, and he still has his whiskers, which I've heard can be hard to find. There are several variations of this plush, I believe the rest being available only in Europe.  This is the only American version as far as I know, and he is characterized by being right-facing and having a closed mouth. The fellow I bought this from said he bought him brand new and it cost him "an arm and a leg."  I bought it from him off of Craigslist, which I've been scouring for months to find one, and my dream finally came true.  These sell on Ebay, when available (maybe once or twice a year?) for upwards of $500.  I have some size comparison shots of him with other plushes, which can be seen on the last page of my collection. He's so pretty. so pretty. so pretty.

Back in the day he was originally worth $500! I won mine from a Lucky's Grocery store contest. I've had mine ever since. I unfortunately do not have the original paperwork, but I remember he was 4 feet and $500!


I have this exact same Simba. I got him when I was around 11. I have had him for 18 years. He was never played with, I just kept him put up. He still has his whiskers and is in prestine condition.


My daughter had one of these she won it at delchamps food store when she was 2 we had it up till Katrina.......I am hunting a new one to replace it as she is 20 now and whines about it all the time. I didnt know they were not from Disney r that rare

great find ! how much did he cost you ? you are one lucky person !

OMG!1 i also agree, damn your are very lucky, he's really gorgous, ill have to start checking on craiglist.

You are one lucky ...person O_O

OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS? ;_; Wow. How much did you pay for him? If people are selling these kinds of plushies on CraigsList...then I guess it's about time I got on there!!!! WOW, Becky. WOW.