Panini Dinosaurs Sticker Album

This is a sticker album from the 1980s.

Yes there are different versions of albums that have same stickers. The '74 has most stickers i believe (360), followed by '82 version with mammoth on the cover, then '92 edition with stegosaurus on the cover. English/American version of '92 edition has Tyrannosaur on the cover.


It would appear from the blogs, that there were different versions released from 1965 onwards. One had a picture of a stegosaurus on the front. At the bottom left of the cover was the figure of the jousting (Panini) knight. This is/was the version with the section containing 'CREATURES OF MYTH, LEGEND AND FANTASY'. The Abominable Snowman was the last sticker (No 360). Cliff,the Prehistoric Animals stickers were released in 1965 and then again in 1977, also various companies had special sets commissioned to accompany promotions of their products ( Pepsi )for foreign markets.No idea of price and Ebay is of no use because they have lots of stickers for sale but really to make a set complete, you need a book as well. Maybe this is the answer to the posts. Depends on your age guys.


I have a number of (old/vintage) sealed sticker packs for Dinosaurs / Prehistoric Animals, by Panini. made for US Canada market. Any idea on what year these are from?? value??


I collected these stickers when I was around 8years old. There were no fictious characters, only real exstinct dinosaurs. One that sticks out in my memory was the Moropus for some reason. It was hugely addictive and all my mates were collecting and we used to swap each other ones we didnt have. I think you got 6 in a pack for 30p. Would love to see again!


Mail me on 4kuk@live.com and I will send you more details.


Yes Anthony and Tony are right, this album did in fact exist, I have a completed one sitting right in front of me as I type this


i recently ran across this album from my childhood (many moons ago). does anyone know who the artist is for many of the stickers? i remember seeing several of these images in a dinosaur book i often checked out of the library as a child. i would really like to find that book again but without a title (etc) i am currently lost. i thought the artists name might help in the search. thanks!


Tony - you are right. I too remember this album having King Kong and movie monsters at the back. The pic of Kong had him on top of the empire state building as I recall. I have got the above album and all the stickers are the same except there is no movie monster page at the back. This album is from the 80's. the one we are remembering is from 1977 and you can see the different album cover here - it shows a stegasaurous. First sticker album I ever owned - wish I could find it somewhere http://www.dinofan.com/dfCollectibles/Set_Detail.aspx?IID=686


I had this too. There were definitely not any movie monsters in it, just dinosaurs and extinct mammals and birds.


I think you are mistaking this album with a diffeent one. I still have this album there are no movie creatures or king kong in it. The end pages show some animals which are now extinct such as the dodo. I was about 7/8 when this was out so early 80's.