1968 Harley Davidson 125 Rapido

A larger version of the M-65 Sport, the 125cc Rapido was introduced in 1968, once again it was a little to little to late for Harley to jump in and have a big impact on the dirt bike market.

I have an original unrestored 1969 Harley Davidson ML 125 Rapido for sale. The odo says 3125 original miles and it starts on the first or second kick. It came with the chrome skid plate option even though according to the vin it was a street version and has the street exhaust. If anyone is interested I am located in Oregon and I am willing to let it go for 1500.00 not including shipping/delivery. My email address is webuyeverythingharley@yahoo.com

On Aug 12, 2014

I have a 68 Rapido, need gas tank. Anyone?

On May 3, 2014

I have a 1968 Rapido for sale. I cant find a vin number

On Mar 1, 2014

I have a 1968 I think. Its barn fresh, Owner said it ran when he parked it 30 years ago. Its complete. No title.


Also have service manual, very nice original muffler (not beat up to bad at all) some motor parts such as kick starter, kick start gear, rear shocks, complete headlight assembly, one nos handle bar grip, gas cap, fork shaft boots (were not correct on the 71) all extra left overs for sale


FOR SALE I have a restored 71 Rapido MLS 125 new bright and shinny chrome. found one of the last new OEM Mufflers for this build perelli tires, motor case was polished. Hand sewan seat. this bike is very sharp and in show room condition located in Iowa. bike has clean title 3500.00


I also need an air box!!


I need a carberator gasket kit and some other parts, please contact me if you have anything.


i have some rapido part that i could trade or sell im also looking for 3 sets of gasket of 125cc let mwe now


Im seeking a complete engine gaskets Kit for my 125cc 1969 Harley Rapido . Any Answers? HELP!