1972 Harley Shortster

During HD's AMF years, they dabbled in the recreational, small bike market. Alas the Harley made a 65cc "Shortster" minibike.

I will buy any shortster or aermacchi x90. Contact me @ coreyjones2007@comcast.net. Will pay dash and have picked up. Thx

On Jun 22, 2014

do you still have the kickstart?

On Apr 19, 2014
Jim Grant

Do you still have the speedometer? If so does it work and how much. Thank You Jim

On Mar 25, 2014
mike m

have a speedometer off a 72 harley shortster for sale shoot me a email ,laborer22001@yahoo.com

Matt b

I have yellow shortster all parts and runs. For sale make offer

John Yaney

I have a 72 shortster manufactured 9/71 for sale complete except for shift linkage I am located in nw Indiana


Hey, I have no connection to this Shortster. I stumbled on it while looking for auction cars. I knew it was special, so I did some research. I can't buy it and fix it, but I bet it would be good for one of you. Auction ends in 5 days! http://lonestaronline.com/listings/details/index.cfm?itemnum=1045518642


Paying good $$ for these Harley X90 & M65 SHORTSTERS ,,Son & I want to restore a couple of these over this summer coming up! - Email me at- doinggreat2@yahoo.com


Hello, If you have a harley X90 or M65 Shortster for sale-Let me know! doinggreat2@yahoo.com

Hello altemose, Still have the shortster for sale? If so can you please email me some photo's along with the price? Thanks Steven