Flagg Brothers Couture - circa 1970’s

A collection of the funkiest Mens Fashion ads from the 1970's. Theses ads were featured in Ebony and Jet Magazines and promoted some of the hippest tags lines in 1970's fashion.

Thank you for the 1980's fashion education!!!

On Nov 16, 2014

By 1982, platform shoes were played out, and the look of Ray Parker Jr’s (“The Other Woman”) album cover cued a transition. The 6-6 Impala, funky Pimp styling of a 70s Player and my 8-track tape was old news. Now, it was all about being “fresh,” that smooth and suave laid back thing, with Jheri curls in a “Nouveau” style for that Belizean look, and music played on cassette in Dolby sound. Oh, one other thing… The drink of choice now was Cognac. — Remy, warmed politely, served in a snifter. So long Flagg Bros, Zodys and Ripple.

On Nov 15, 2014

No! I have the Rise Up clothing posted on my site at the Museum of UnCut Funk. Thanks!!! http://museumofuncutfunk.com/2009/05/30/flagg-brothers-couture-circa-1970’s/

ronald chenault

do you remember the jingle boot


Man, I was just telling my daughter about Flagg Bros and the style. Had to goggle for her to appreciate. Had the Red Dogs and Mellow Men. Man this was the hippest time in history!!! I would love to find a vintage magazine for "old time sake."

Mike Barrett

What happened to the fifty's with the "new flagg flyers, solid jack jump right in and jump out" those shoes with both "clip toe" and laces were good shoes for $10 bucks, some peg pants with "french seams " thin suede belts. You are missing out // the NSRA car shows have many thousands of 50-60 age group "big kids" with money to get into retro clothing. Sure would like to see them made available again

Roy W.

Man this was the hippest store back in the seventies, they had some bad threads,especially the "hats" and the high heeled shoes that you could put goldfish in. Bro those were the days.

Tony D.

I loved Flagg Bros. shoes and I still have a pair brown leather dress shoes from 1968, that I bought in Flushing, Queens, N.Y. They were on sale from $18 down to $12. I had them re-soled & heeled 3 times since I can't find the same quality here in Florida. I only wear them for special occasions.

Mujahid Hasan

Flagg Bros was the clothing line that made me the man I am today. My mother said i would be acheing due to the outfits I wore without shirts, back in the day. Dose anyone know who sells these vintage clothes now? By the way I'll be wearing a shirt now, I no longer have my 12 pack.


I grew up in B-more. There used to be FB right across the street from what was called the B-more Civic Center at the time. I was a teen at the time that stuff was popular. HATED IT..HATED THE LOOK..HATED WHAT IT PORTRAYED. We used to stand in the window and shake our heads at the oufits and the big heel shoes. One of the sales men invited me in one day to show me around. He was a guuudddd guy, and I understand he was just doing his job selling that stuff..but he really didn't get what I what I was saying. I really don't mean to piss anyone off, but this was just another form of black exploitation. Clown clothes is what they were...and what they are.