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Rare Color Photos of Beatles’ 1964 U.S. Tour Headed to Auction Block

There aren’t many color photos of the Beatles during their first few years as a band because, well, snapping non-black-and-white shots in the early 1960s was more expensive than the British rockers’... more

When the Cars Come Out at Night

In addition to my passion for all things automotive, I’m also a bit of a photography buff. OK… that’s an understatement. I earned an associates degree in photography a few years ago... more

Backwards “Abbey Road” Photo Sells for $25,000

Everyone knows that if you play the Beatles’ “Revolution 9” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” backwards, you hear clues suggesting that bassist Paul McCartney actually died in 1966 (not true). What happens if... more

The Most Expensive Leica Ever

On May 12th, a rare Leica camera was put on the block at the WestLich Photographica Auction and broke all the records for an antique camera sale. The camera, a “null-serie” prototype... more

Flying Art – Through the Lens

In a few of my most recent posts (Artists in the Trenches and U.S. Government-issued Works of Art), I have delved in the area of art and the military. Today’s post, while... more