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CoinHELP! : Daniel Malone, Third-Generation Numismatist

I don’t know much about coin collecting. I can identify many thousands of different action figures on sight and I can tell you whether or not a Nintendo game is worth picking... more

Hometown Dollars

Lyn Knight Currency Auctions is currently selling one of the rarest $20 bills to never have been printed by the Federal Reserve. The Schaffner family, the descendents of the founders of Wachovia Loan... more

The 1870-S $3 Gold Coin

One of the rarest coins known had been planned to go to auction this Saturday, June 2nd. The Four Seasons Auction Gallery in Alpharetta, Georgia, claims that a gold coin found glued... more

Grover Cleveland’s Non-Consecutive Money

Without any fanfare, thanks to cutbacks, the U.S. Mint will release the Grover Cleveland Presidential Dollar tomorrow at noon, Eastern time. Don’t worry, if you forget to get your Grover Clevelands tomorrow,... more

Maundy Money

On Maundy Thursday last week, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her diamond jubilee by handing out maundy money to a lucky few at the cathedral of York Minister. 86 men and 86 women —... more