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Don’t Buy These Rings: NFL Player’s Super Bowl Rings Stolen

I grew up in New York, so it’s easy for me to hate on New England’s sports teams…and none are more hateable than the New England Patriots. I’ll give it up for... more

Top Ten Highest Selling Pro Bowl QB Sports Memorabilia

This week, the rosters for the 2013 Pro Bowl were announced. Most of the names listed for the six quarterback slots (two starters, four backups) are old hands at the Pro Bowl... more

Rhode Island Fraudster Arrested for Smuggling Counterfeit Sports Jerseys

This week, my posts have been all about fakers and fraudsters. The ball got rolling on Monday evening when I was hunting for a Viking jersey replica, and wound up nearly getting... more

The Case of the Disappearing Dolphin

Chad Johnson is an NFL player who’s never had any trouble making headlines or getting attention. In case the name isn’t very familiar to you, this is the guy who, in 2008,... more

A Couple More Super Bowl Tidbits…

I know, I know–the big game has already come and gone, but I don’t care. The Super Bowl is sort of like a secular national holiday in the US, and after it’s... more