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Collecting Spoons Feeds The Soul

Chicken soup may be good for the soul — but something has to bring it to your lips. I daresay that what’s best about chicken soup, or any dish that warms the... more

Traditions Of Holiday Movies

I saw the ad for the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story on TBS and I had a few thoughts — which turned out to be pretty cool, because this week’s... more

Collecting Memories

When we went to that farm auction in Buffalo, we talked to a lady who was related to the family having the estate auction about the pains of estate sales. She told... more

Collecting Specters Of The Past

We were on vacation last week, in Florida. In Tampa, to be exact. Along with Disney, we did several other tourist things, which got me thinking about souvenir albums — you know,... more

These are a Few of My Favorite Things: Antiques & Art Finds!

We recently entertained some friends from out of state. They had not been to our home for about 9 years and were inquisitive about where we found our “treasures.” It made me... more