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Today’s Coolest Avengers Thing : A Different LEGO Hulk!

LEGO-nuts and LEGOnauts are already aware of the Hulk minifigure that comes with LEGO set 6868: Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakout. For a price of around $50, this is the only set in which... more

Today’s Coolest Avengers Thing: Flash Drives

By now, you’ve either seen The Avengers or you’ve damned yourself to not reading anything on the Internet so that you might avoid spoilers of this season’s most amazing blockbuster. If you’re... more

Today’s Coolest Avengers Thing : RealD 3D Glasses

The Avengers : coming in just a few short days. Between now and then, and months afterwards, we’ll be running into a deluge of Avengers-themed stuff, and it’s likely that a lot... more

Today’s Coolest Avengers Thing : Dr. Pepper Cans

Joss Whedon’s take on the Avengers is slowly crawling its way to theaters, and a few times a week, the collected geeks of the Internet swarm around any new images, trailers and... more

Today’s Coolest Avengers Thing : RealD 3D Glasses

While my crazy, messed-up brain-veins can’t see movies in 3D, I still have a thing for 3D glasses. While I lean towards the red-and-blue variety when I collect (and love the sets... more