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The 1870-S $3 Gold Coin

One of the rarest coins known had been planned to go to auction this Saturday, June 2nd. The Four Seasons Auction Gallery in Alpharetta, Georgia, claims that a gold coin found glued... more

The 1984 Olympics Gold

The Olympic Gold Medal was a 20th century invention — it was seen as improper to give ‘amateur’ athletes anything more than silver — but not long after this, most countries stopped... more

Remembering the War of 1812 In Coins

On June 18th, 1812, President James Madison signed the first declaration of war made by the fledgling United States of America, beginning the War of 1812. As wars go, the War of... more

The Circulated “Little Princess”

The “Quarter Eagle” is one of the earliest U.S. coins, established during the Coinage Act of 1792, and was minted almost continuously until production ceased in 1929 just before the end of... more

Templeton Reid and the Georgia Gold

Templeton Reid was a man of mechanical talents.  Living in Georgia in the early 19th century, his talents were largely devoted to the maintenance and construction of cotton gins, although his machining... more