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Matchbox Madness

Lesney Products registered the name Matchbox in 1953 for a line of cars and trucks small enough to fit inside of a standard matchbox. This size was dictated by the largest toys... more

Movie Palaces of the Past: Collecting Architecture & Memories

We went to see a movie last night. It was called Doubt, and each of us found it to be a fascinating story. There were four of us and each one had... more

In Which I Try To Meet The Missus And End Up With Tommy Bartlett

Heaven only knows when & where I got these old cards (which makes me think it was at Georgine’s, where we toss things into boxes quickly), but I do know why I... more

Magic : The Gathering – Part Two, The National Championships

[For Part One, please click here!] Wizards of the Coast, owners of the whole Magic : The Gathering card game (as well as the patent for the very concept of collectible trading... more

Magic : The Gathering – Part One, Celebrating 15 Years

I first laid my hands on Magic cards back in 1994, when I was an exceptionally cool 13 year old. It was a hot summer day and I was helping out at... more