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Monkeying Around With Vintage Primate Collectibles

Recently, on American Pickers, Mike and Frank found a freaky piece of vintage advertising that they referred to as a “Sealtest monkey”. (To be clear, and factual, this probably isn’t a monkey…... more

Top 10 Gifts For Pickers & Collectors Of Antiques

Whether the collector in your life heads out into barns and outbuildings like Mike & Frank on American Pickers, or peruses flea markets and antique malls, these 10 items are “must haves.”... more

A Real Glass Act: Windows of Stained Glass

As long as I can remember, I have loved stained glass pieces. As a youngster, the windows in our church amazed me and mom would scold that I should be facing forward,... more

Getting A Handle On Antique Eyeglasses

For many of us, our only experience with “flip glasses” was that scene in Pretty Woman in which Julia Roberts (as Vivian the prostitute) goes to the opera, ineffectually swings her limp... more

Time Is On Your Side, A Watchman’s Clock

The last employee has punched her time card in the time clock and left the guard-house. She walks to the well lighted parking lot. The gate closes across the entrance to the roadway... more