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Searching for Sugar Man’s Vintage Records

Stephen Segerman and Craig Bartholomew Strydom may have miraculously found Sixto Rodriguez alive and kicking in Detroit and persuaded him to play some concerts in South Africa in the late 1990s, but... more

Spice Up a “Blue Monday” with a New Order Movie!

New Order’s inclusion on the Coachella 2013 lineup has sparked a renewed interest in the Manchester rock band, who will play their first U.S. shows in eight years at the California desert... more

Wax Off, Wax On: Vinyl Continued its Sales Comeback in 2012

If I could go back to the mid-1990s and invest in one thing, it would be a vinyl record processing plant. Well, I’d probably pick up a bunch of Apple shares first,... more

Review: “The Stone Roses” 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Last Thursday, my evening consisted of ordering pizza, watching TV and procrastinating taking out the garbage. It was also one of the best days of my life. Oh wait, I left something... more

Precious Metals: The 5 Most Valuable Platinum Records

In a world where music consumers don’t think twice about illegally downloading an album or cherry-picking singles rather than investing in a whole record, it’s exponentially more difficult for artists to achieve... more