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Unloading Your Family History: Selling a Civil War Field Desk

As a collector of militaria and a self-professed amateur military historian, I am only just beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to collecting artifacts from the Civil War. My skills and experience... more

Gift Guide for Particular Militaria Collectors

December marks a significant shift for me and how I manage my finances. It seems that I go from the frugality-based spending as I slowly fuel my collecting habit to that of... more

Decorating The Formal Garage

If you have followed my writing in the past, you’re aware that my passion for collecting covers many different areas: cameras, photography equipment, stained glass windows, ice buckets, telephones, door knobs and... more

Gift Guide for Gearheads

Collectors can be some of the hardest people to buy for. If something is easy to find they either won’t be interested in it or they will already have it in their... more

Driving USB Drives

My fellow writer, Collin David, has provided some insight into the promotional USB drives handed out by vendors at trade shows and cheered the diverse range of USB storage that are Mimobots.... more