Blogger:  Joe Szilvagyi

Joe Szilvagyi

Joe Szilvagyi was raised in shadow of the Big Three during the rise of
Japanese imports. His father, affectionately known as Bondo, provided
a constant stream of automotive publications to read and raised Joe to
appreciate the balance of art and technology that cars provide. With
dreams of the race track and a love for driving, Joe collects scale
replicas of cars that fuel his dreams and love.
Beyond cars, Joe marvels at the craftsmanship displayed in watches,
pens, cutlery (particularly damascened blades), cameras, electronic
gadgets and robots. The collection of memories of time spent playing
and laughing with family and friends is more valuable than any item
could ever be. For this reason, every item in Joe’s collection has
been removed from whatever package it arrived in and played with to
make sure the collectible is fully enjoyed.

He can be reached at joe@collectorsquest.com.

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