Blogger:  Deanna Dahlsad

Deanna Dahlsad

Deanna Dahlsad was raised in a family of antique collectors and dealers. Her childhood was filled with the obligation to wake early on weekends and dig through the tossed-away bits of other peoples’ lives. Happily, she was able to use these skills in the service of her own collecting interests.

The only thing she loves more than collecting — and her family — is talking-err, writing (nearly anything but bios for herself); in the guise of antique dealer and writer, she has found a way to justify both her obsessions with objects and her unnatural appreciation for discussing them.

Any rumors that she found her husband, Derek, at a thrift shoppe are unfounded.

She runs Inherited Values (yup, another collecting website), Kitsch Slapped (a feminist look at pop culture, past, present &, sometimes, future) and Ululating Undulating Ungulate (an art site) — among others.

She can be reached at deanna@collectorsquest.com.

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