Kitchenalia Collectibles: Best of the Quest

The kitchen might not be the first place you think of when it comes to “collectible”, but kitchenalia is pretty popular, and kitchens throughout history have held some of the most interesting, precious and valuable collectibles you can find. For example, would the casual kitchen-user know that a Fire King Snoopy Red Baron cup is worth about $250, in good condition? You might have one in your cabinet right now and not even know it.

We’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen, checking out what people collect.

kitchenalia: vintage hamilton beach standing mixer

Vintage Hamilton Beach Standing Mixer

Many kitchen collectibles are the essential tools of the kitchens past, demonstrating the evolution of the home and domesticity, like these vintage mixers. We also had a look at vintage casserole dishes, and a variety of collectible teapots.

Kitchen collectibles also dig into the less-essential, but still-useful range of apparatuses. You don’t really need a vintage trivet, but it’s a lot more classy than a stack of newspapers. And when was the last time you actually used an egg cup?

Kitchenalia: vintage casserole dish

Vintage Hall casserole dish

Collecting cookbooks is a pretty huge area of kitchenalia, with some going for hundreds of dollars. These books represent changing dietary habits, biological knowledge, cultural norms, the changing role of the housewife, and even the availability of certain foods around the world. Just as much as these books can help you make a delicious meal, they’re also great windows into history in so many ways.

1970s DC Comics Pepsi Glass

1970s DC Comics Pepsi Glass : Superman

Kitchenalia doesn’t all have to be all girly stuff, though. This isn’t to say that mixers and cookbooks couldn’t or shouldn’t be handled just as adeptly or by males, but you don’t find vintage trivets at Home Depot. Superhero glasses are fun for nerds of all ages (and genders), as well as glasses featuring other characters. Even certain well-preserved food items are collectible, and hot sauce bottles are some of the most creative and bizarre food packages you can find.

And would it really be a kitchen without a cookie jar? There are thousands to choose from!

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