One Collector’s Top Ten Political Pins: 1920-1944

Political pins: A colorful Warren G. Harding campaign mirror from 1920.

A colorful Warren G. Harding campaign mirror from 1920.

There’s nothing like a good political debate.

And I’m not talking political philosophies here.

A few weeks ago, I chose my 10 personal favorite campaign buttons from 1896-1916, the Golden Age of Political Buttons. After posting that blog, several other serious political collectors across the country decided to choose their favorites. There was an occasional overlap, but the lists were remarkable in how different they were. That probably says as much about personal preferences as it does the remarkable variety in our hobby.

I’m a glutton for punishment, however. With that thought in mind, below is my list of favorite pins from the 1920-1944 era – from Warren G. Harding’s election to the last of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s four elections.

On this first item, I’m going to cheat a little. This wonderfully colorful Harding piece is not a campaign button, but rather a campaign mirror. Besides the color for a candidate that’s tough to find colorful items for, this is an advertising piece as well.  The “Best Ever” slogan might have been a little overstated for Harding, however. Perhaps it refers to the clothing maker.



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