Political Memorabilia: A Presidential Surprise for Your Pets

Political Memorabilia: This Clinton rag doll is filled with catnip.

This Clinton rag doll is filled with catnip.

It’s not unusual for presidents, or their children, to have pets. It’s no secret that we’re a pet-crazed culture.

I have a friend and co-worker who’s from Jamaica, and who owns pets, yet finds it unusual that in this culture our pets have a free ride when it comes to the home. Pets in many other places tend to be working animals – dogs as livestock herders, cats as mousers.

I’ve written before about political collectibles representing presidential pets, from Warren G. Harding’s Laddie Boy to Franklin Roosevelt’s Fala to Bill Clinton’s Socks the Cat.

In buying a collection recently, I ran across more pet related material. These were items not representing a political pet, but items FOR your pets. I tend to believe these are anti-candidate items.

The first item is a rubber squeeze toy made to look like Ronald Reagan. When squeezed, it lets out a loud squeak. From the scars on the outside, it looks like someone’s dog might have played catch with this a few times. There is another version of this that I have seen in the past that looks like President George W. Bush, with a very tiny Vice President Dan Quayle sitting on his shoulder.

This rubber Reagan squeeze toy was made as a dog toy.

This rubber Reagan squeeze toy was made as a dog toy.

The second item in the collection was a small cloth doll of Bill Clinton, in the original packaging, called Kitty Hoots, Kitty Activation Toy. It’s described as containing “high test organic cat nip, you’ll never again be embarrassed by what the cat drags in.”

I can’t vouch for what it does for cats, but it probably would make a few collectors smile.



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Andrew Hi Tom, just wanted to respond, I have the original set of four of these. But my Regan is more detailed. It also Bush with Quail comming out of his pocket, Margret Thacher and Gorbachev (sp) . April 2nd, 2013 at 9:39 PM

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