Review: “The Stone Roses” 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition


The “Stone Roses” 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition vinyl box set is bulky but very much worth it

Last Thursday, my evening consisted of ordering pizza, watching TV and procrastinating taking out the garbage. It was also one of the best days of my life.

Oh wait, I left something out there. The much-anticipated lineup for April’s even-more-anticipated Coachella music festival was finally revealed to the masses that night, inspiring music fans across the nation to either curse organizers of the three-day celebration for not booking a Kurt Cobain hologram to front the surviving members of Nirvana or deify them for landing The Stone Roses’ first U.S. appearance in two decades.

As for me, I immediately began counting the days until I embark on my Coachella Weekend 2 road trip. It was kind of awkward when my fiance walked in the room to find me caressing my giant Stone Roses 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition box set, but I have no regrets. Besides, she’s going to have to get used to moments like that.

The legendary four-piece’s self-titled 1989 debut is often cited as one of the greatest British albums ever made, so it only makes sense that the album should be made available as a 20-pound set that includes three CDs (the original record plus two discs of b-sides and demos), three LPs (containing most of the CD material), live DVD, lemon-shaped (in honor of the album cover) USB card, 48-page book of extended liner notes and six art prints by guitarist John Squire.

This isn’t listed on its Amazon page, but it also makes for a great cuddle buddy at night. Just my two cents.

My box set (no. 3,437 out of 3,500) is among the best $150 I’ve ever spent, but I understand that most people don’t want to hear half the album backwards (that’s what the USB is for). While The Stone Roses is a must for any rock fan’s collection, its super-mega-let’s-get-a-cart-wheel-this-out-of-the-record-store deluxe edition is really only for the biggest of Roses devotees.

That said, if you’re a bloody Madchester raver and need something to tide you over until The Stone Roses’ rumored 2013 U.S. tour, this elephant stone-sized box set is the one.



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