Don’t Buy These Rings: NFL Player’s Super Bowl Rings Stolen

The New York Giants' 2012 Super Bowl RingsI grew up in New York, so it’s easy for me to hate on New England’s sports teams…and none are more hateable than the New England Patriots. I’ll give it up for the Boston Red Sox and the Bruins every now and again, but I really, really don’t like the Patriots. So it was with great joy that I learned they’d lost their bid to hit the Super Bowl again this past weekend (with the only downside being, of course, having an easy decision about who to root against during the Super Bowl).

All that said, news hit the other day that the Aurora, Colorado home of the Patriots’ Derrick Martin was robbed while he was playing in the AFC Championship game on Sunday night. The armed thieves broke into the house while it was occupied by one adult and two kids, stealing the two Super Bowl rings he earned while playing with the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants.

Obviously this is a major violation for a number of reasons, but it also raises questions about why the thieves would bother to take such identifiable loot. Were they planning on selling the rings on eBay? Is there a black market buyer out there who really wanted authentic Super Bowl rings? Chances are the thieves will be taking off the rings’ jewels and melting down the precious metal from which it’s made…but you never know. It’s dumb enough to break into the house of a famous professional athlete, and even dumber to grab items that are easily identifiable as being stolen. We’ll see how long these guys remain at large.

So if you find yourself confronted with a seller claiming to have an authentic Super Bowl ring from 2011 or 2012, watch out: this guy’s got hot goods. It’s bad enough to make me feel bad for a Patriot—so you know it’s pretty bad.

[Via Denver 7 News]



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