Turning the Pages on Another Political Collecting Year: Political Calendars

This 1906 Theodore Roosevelt and family calendar was recently found on an Internet auction site.

This 1906 Theodore Roosevelt and family calendar was recently found on an Internet auction site.

I received three calendars during the holidays. The first one came from my office, and each month is a scene of a beautiful sunrise here in South Florida.

The second one came as a Christmas present from my wife – scenes of beautiful waterfalls that reminded me of my favorite sites in the western North Carolina mountains.

The last one was one that I chose myself. It came via the United States Postal Service and an Internet auction site. It’s a 1906 calendar showing Theodore Roosevelt and family in a famous pose outside the White House, with all the monthly pages intact below it. There’s advertising for two upstate New York stores to each side.

There’s a good group of calendar collectors you have to go up against if you want one of these old political calendars to your collection, as well as the political collectors who want them. To find one intact with all twelve months on it and at a reasonable price made for a nice holiday gift to myself.

I looked through some Internet political sites and found some great examples of political calendars that could make a specialty political collection. There are calendars of all sorts to be found back to the 1800s. The designs can be great and the colors vivid.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of these in the years ahead.





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