Vintage Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles

Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles

Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles

A recent conversation with our daughter made me think more about the “thrill of the hunt” and never knowing just what you’ll find. She said it keeps you young and active and forever curious. This recent purchase of Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles confirmed that thought! They seemed especially timely due to the fact that a great deal of people will resolve to lose weight in the new year.

Vintage Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles

Richard Kline, physical director to the stars

The weights themselves are in styling pink and blue, probably so either sex could use them. These barbells were from Richard M. Kline, Hollywood’s World Famous Physical Director to the Stars. Not a well-known name today, at least in the midwest.

Vintage Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles

Famous stars’ endorsements

But the stars that endorsed the product are certainly famous and familiar. Names such as Betty Grable, Ida Lupino, Dorothy Lamour, Claudette Colbert, Martha Raye and Joan Bennett bring back memories of some great movies. Dear daughter advises that Ida Lupino has a huge following and I know that Betty Grable’s legs were heavily insured and her photos graced many lockers for US military men back in the day.

Vintage Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles

Collectible for several categories

So, is this a crossover collectible? Would people who like advertising or those into health and fitness be interested? Perhaps so, since it would make a great display piece in any health club or spa. Those into entertainment collectibles would display it with pride as well.

Vintage Healthways Hollywood Glamour Belles

So attractive, be the first one at your gym!

And you know what? It would also be a nice workout item. Your fellow exercisers at the gym would certainly gawk and be duly impressed. If we think that being healthy and working out are current interests, we are definitely wrong. The address for the Healthways Company is “Los Angeles 18, California.” These are probably from the 1940s or 50s. Most likely a pretty rare collectible, but then again, I could go to an antique mall tomorrow and see some. Or not. Both hubby and I tend to like the unique items and those are the things that tend to sell quickly (although the basement has too many examples of items that were TOO unique). Happy hunting in the new year.



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Robert I just purchased Richard Kline healthways body building courses on ebay. My first barbell course when I was 13. Coming up on 68 and still active with the iron! May 6th, 2014 at 1:22 AM

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