Lights, Camera, Auction!: The Top 10 Most Interesting, Rare & Valuable Movie Posters

Steve McQueen is the undisputed McKing of Pawn Stars entertainment memorabilia. The late ‘60s and ‘70s movie star recently made his third “appearance” on the popular History Channel reality show, in the form of an Italian Bullitt movie poster brought in by a seller trying to unload it on the boys at Las Vegas’ Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Other McQueen items that have been featured on the show include The King of Cool’s 1940 Indian motorcycle (a deal couldn’t be made; the seller wanted $130,000 but Rick wouldn’t go above $85,000) and a fake signed Bullitt poster, which had supposedly been autographed by McQueen and co-stars Robert Duvall, Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Vaughn. The tragedy of that piece is that the poster itself was worth $1,000, but when graced with the fake signatures was next to worthless.

As for the poster from the December 17 episode, it went for $250. While that amount will certainly help you fill a few hours in Vegas, two Benjamins and a Ulysses pales in comparison to the highest-selling movie posters of all time.

What follows isn’t necessarily the Top 10 in that category, but rather 10 of the most interesting, rare and, of course, valuable posters to ever be sold at auction. I  sure was surprised that a Gigli poster didn’t pop up during my research…

Blues Brothers Poster

10. The Blues Brothers

This vintage-style Blues Brothers poster featuring caricatures of John Belushi and Dan Akroyd as Jake and Elwood Blues sold for $4,687 at a November 2012 auction by Julien’s. It actually wasn’t used to promote the hit 1980 comedy flick – the poster appears as a prop and was one of the handbills handled by celebrity guest stars such as James Bond, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles in the movie.









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