Top Ten Wayne Gretzky Collectibles

On an episode of Pawn Stars the other day, someone brought in what he said was an authentic Wayne Gretzky contract from his days playing with the New York Rangers. To authenticate the item, the fellows at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop solicited the help of Jeremy Brown, the owner of Ultimate Sports Cards & Memorabilia. Brown not only deemed the contract to be the real deal, he also valued it at $4,000, minimum.

That got me thinking: what are the top ten Wayne Gretzky collectibles being sold online right now? It’s an interesting question right now in particular considering the fact that hockey’s in a strange moment in this part of the world. The NHL is currently locked out, meaning there’s no hockey being played at the major level. As the most well-known hockey player in this hemisphere, Gretzky items should still be pulling in top-dollar. But it seems as though the sport’s diminished place in the public eye in the US may have hurt the values his collectibles can bring in.

But enough jibber jabber. Here now are the top ten Wayne Gretzky collectibles as of December 12, 2012!

10) 2011 22-Karat Gold Coin featuring Wayne Gretzky and Walter Gretzky – $1,418

Wayne Gretzky collectibles: 2011 Canada CoinInterestingly, the number ten item on the list has an inherently high value all on its own, as it’s a specially minted $200 Canadian coin. Minted in October, 2011 to celebrate his 50th birthday, the coin was made in a limited run of 999 (because Gretzky’s number was 99, of course). It’s comprised of 91.67 percent gold, with the rest made of silver. Featured on the front is Gretzky wearing a jersey emblazoned with the Canadian maple leaf, while his father, Walter, looks on. When the auction was finished, it sold for $1,399.95 in Canadian currency, which translates out to $1,418.10 American. That’s about seven times as much as its face value…not bad for number ten.



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Jim Wayne Gretzky contract from his days playing with the New York Rangers is GROSSLY undervalued at $4K March 1st, 2013 at 9:25 PM

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