How Big of a Residents Fan Are You?

Residents “frontman” Randy stars in the infomercial for his band’s latest release, a $100,000 box set that comes in a refrigerator.

Big name acts like the Beatles, Rolling Stones and U2 can get away with selling pricey box sets in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Generally nobody complains about it, since those bands have rich and famous fans all over the world who are more than willing tho shell out the big bucks for flashy reissues.

That said, avant-garde musicians/artists The Residents are one of the last groups I’d expect to see putting out a four-figure box set, much less a $100,000 one, but I suppose I neglected to remember that these are The Residents, a collective that’s always eschewed conformity. Last week, the Louisiana group mad waves by announcing their new six-figure box set, which comes housed in a full-sized refrigerator. You can watch the infomercial for the new release here.

I’m not quite sure the Ultimate Box Set is worth three times the average American’s annual salary, but at least the band tried to make it a defensible purchase for those with enough scratch. The set includes every single Residents release ever, from 1972’s “Santa Dog” single (which the new release is celebrating the 40th anniversary of) through this year’s Coochie Brake. For those keeping score at home, that’s 50 CDs, 40 LPs and dozen of singles, EPs, DVDs and CD-ROMs. Buyers also get a top-hat-wearing-eyeball mask, a nod to the band’s famous ’70s and ’80s music videos.

“Have a bake sale,” says Residents frontman “Randy” in the infomercial, where he offers fans suggestions on how to pay for such an expensive item. “Break open those penny jars. Sell a kidney if you have to.”



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