Gift Guide for Gearheads

Collectors can be some of the hardest people to buy for. If something is easy to find they either won’t be interested in it or they will already have it in their collection. If you want to add something to their collection then you should resign yourself to having them provide a short list of items they haven’t actually purchased yet. Rather than going through the hassle, gift givers end up providing either gift certificates or cash just to make sure a gift was given.

I believe that a gift should be more than just a check box on the giver’s list that was filled in. The best gifts are memorable and remind the recipient of the person that gave them the gift. This is a tall order when you’re buying for a collector so here are my top ten suggestions when buying for a car collector.

When looking at any of these gifts, it is important to know what sort of car enthusiast you are buying for. You may have found an epic piece of Corvette memorabilia but this would be out of place amidst a collection of pre-war cars pieces. Even within a genre like NASCAR, giving a Jeff Gordon fan a model of a Jimmie Johnson car is a sure way to earn a strained thank you.

 Professionally taken photographs

Some photographers will have a studio with custom lighting. – Image courtesy Chris Brasher, Photographer.

Every collector has a prize item in their collection that they can talk about for hours. For those lucky enough to collect full size cars, find a local photographer that specializes in automotive photography and book a session. Schedule a time to have the car detailed and driven to a location for some photos that celebrate the beauty of this prize. Even if the collector already has photos it doesn’t hurt to have more, especially if you happen to find a moderately skilled photographer in your area. Check out the work from Shutterlit, Webb Bland or Steve Demmitt to get an idea of what people are doing.



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