Auction Action: 1914 Babe Ruth Rookie to be Auctioned Next Spring

I’ve said it before: any major auction pertaining to that most legendary baseball player Babe Ruth is instantly noteworthy. This item’s no exception. According to a post on the website of the Professional Sports Authenticator, or PSA, a 1914 Baltimore Babe Ruth rookie card will go up on the auction block in Spring 2013. But unlike many other popular, high-fetching Ruth items, its not in very good condition, nor does it have anything to do with the New York Yankees, the team with which Ruth is most associated.

In fact, the card is labeled as “the single most important and miraculous baseball card in the world” as it depicts Ruth as a player for a minor league team, the American Association’s Baltimore Orioles, just after he’d left the St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys in his home town of Baltimore. The card represents a rare glimpse into the man Ruth was, instead of the famous legend he would become.

The post notes that the card in question is graded at PSA 1, the lowest score possible in the 10 point PSA scale. But that doesn’t make it a dud—it last sold for $152,750 three years ago, and the minimum bid is $100,000. Chances are the card could sell for around that much again—or more. The post also notes a PSA 2 graded Orioles Ruth rookie previously sold for $575,000. Considering there are only 10 known examples of the card in existence, there’s a good bet that savvy (and wealthy) collectors will come out of the woodwork to try and obtain the piece.

Too bad it was just my birthday…probably too late to ask for it as a present.

[Via PSA]



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