Top 10 Licensed Pinball Tables of the 70s

Product placement and licensing deals are part of modern life. Every blockbuster movie or popular TV series has a tie in with some sort of video game or toy to attract collectors who want to relive part of what was experienced while watching the show. I was reminded of this while watching a Pawn Stars rerun the other day where Corey and Chumlee bought a non-working 1976 Evel Knievel pinball machine.

Pinball tables: Evel KnievalWatching the show brought back a flood of memories of good times spent with friends down at my local arcade. Being fortunate enough to grow up down the street from Pinball Petes I was exposed to more pinball tables than most people might get to see. This probably explains the various pinball machines I’ve had in my basement over the years.

What really struck me about the Evel Knievel machine is that it is both one of the earlier machines to feature a celebrity as well as one of the first machines to switch from electromechanical to solid state. Most importantly, it was a fun game to play. I even thought that it was one of the top ten licensed games from those early days of licensing so I decided to put together my own list of the best licensed games of the 70s. In no particular order, I hope you enjoy seeing the remaining nine top pinball tables from my list.



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