Rangers Goalie Mask Auction Sets Record, Raises Money for Sandy Relief

Hockey fans in New York have had a rough go of things lately. For one, hockey’s locked out at the moment, with a dispute between the players and the owners meaning that Rangers, Islanders, and Devils fans alike can come together and bemoan the way their rivalry has (hopefully temporarily) ended. Far worse, though, has been the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy, which ripped through the east coast in late-October. After a few intensely difficult weeks, New York and New Jersey have started to dust themselves off and pick up the pieces.

To aid that process, Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist put one of his game-worn goalie up for auction online, with the proceeds going to benefit the victims of Sandy, according to a post on SportsCollectorsDaily. Amazingly, the mask’s sale actually set a record, becoming the highest-selling goalie mask with a final price of $66,000. The previous record holder, according to the post, was that of LA Kings’ goalie Rogatien Vachon, which previously sold for $24,655.

Lundqvist himself was ecstatic at the high price tag the mask managed to garner:

“I think it’s an amazing amount of money. To be able to donate this amount to people that really need it right now is great.  I am incredibly thankful to everyone who bid on the helmet, especially the winner.  This money will hopefully be able to make a real difference for some families who were directly affected by this storm.”

Nicely done, Mr. Lundqvist. Hopefully the lockout will end soon, and you can wear some more masks that’ll fetch even higher prices in the future. Hockey!

[Via SportsCollectorsDaily]



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