PSA Grades 20 Millionth Item

I’ve written before about how in the world of sports collectibles—any collectibles, really—an object is truly only as valuable as someone is willing to pay for it. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t objective measures to help determine value in the marketplace. And in sports collectibles in particular, one of the most popular organizations that helps buyers and sellers figure out how much their prized possessions are worth is PSA, or the Professional Sports Authenticator.

I recently wrote about PSA’s CollectibleFacts, their free online resource to help collectors figure out whether or not their treasures are the real deal. Yesterday, the company sent out a press release to announce that they’d graded their 20 millionth item: an autographed 2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects Bryce Harper Rookie card. The card was graded mint 9 (which, in a system that goes as high as 10, is pretty darned good), and to celebrate their milestone, PSA is gifting the card’s owner with a Bryce Harper-autographed, PSA and DNA-certified baseball to go along with the card. Pretty amazing reward, right? That’s especially true when you consider Harper’s dominance this season, having been named Rookie of the Year in the National League.

PSA’s president Joe Orlando offered his view on Harper’s card being the one to break the 20 million mark:

“It’s fitting thatPSA’s 20 millionth collectible is a 2011 Bryce Harper Bowman rookie card. In 2012, the sports world witnessed the emergence of several special rookie athletes like Harper, Mike Trout, Robert GriffinIIIand Andrew Luck. These are the types of athletes that help generate continued interest in collectibles. The next generation of superstar athletes will play a significant role inPSAcertifying its next 20 million items by helping cultivate the hobby’s next generation of collectors.”

Congratulations, PSA! Here’s to the next 20 million…



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