Lincoln, Popular in Theaters and Collections

An Abraham Lincoln ferrotype badge that sold for $444 recently. Damage kept the price down.

It was a much-anticipated weekend for political collectors.

After weeks of hype, and a summer of anticipation, Steven Spielberg’s  “Lincoln” opened to sold-out theaters across America. There’s no spoiler alert needed here. Every elementary school kid knows how it ends.

Early reviews from political collecting friends have been pretty much unanimous. This is a special movie, about a special president.

The question is, what does this mean to Lincoln collectibles? Will they go up in value, or will more people discover the lure of collecting items related to our 16th president?

The best guess is that the effect might be like when a president or presidential candidate dies, much like we observed lately with the death of former Senator and presidential nominee George McGovern. Prices jump up for a short while, but then make their way back down to normal.

This Lincoln CDV sold for only $37 at auction recently.

One thing that amazes many political collectors is how cheaply you can add Lincoln campaign items to your collection. You can still buy Lincoln ferrotype or cardboard campaign badges in the $500-$700 range, sometimes less. And if you aren’t too picky about condition, you can go considerably cheaper. You can still pick up framed Lincoln prints in antique stores and shows for under $200 many times. Lincoln CDV photos can be found for well under $100, depending upon whether they have a photographer’s mark and who that photographer was.

My recommendation: Go see the movie, and check out some Lincoln collectibles. You won’t be disappointed with either.




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