He’s a Rocker: The Top 5 Bruce Springsteen Picture Sleeves

I’m a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, but even I had to agree with my girlfriend that the two people sitting behind us on the plane who were coming to the Twin Cities for The Boss’ two-night stand in St. Paul last weekend (one was from Chicago and the other from Boston; together they’d seen over 100 Springsteen shows and were following him to Lincoln after this) were a little bit too diehard.

(Of course, the definition of diehard is relative. My younger brother Chris, who counts Born to Run among his favorite albums of all-time, said that I was a little nuts for wanting to stand through two straight Springsteen shows, which lately have been averaging about three-and-a-half hours each. “You’ll be bored halfway through night two,” he assured me.)

Fast forward to 48 hours later, the morning after a classic, life-changing Springsteen set highlighted by a note-perfect rendition of “Jungleland” (featuring a heartbreaking sax solo from Jake Clemons, nephew of recently-departed E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons), and I was booking a flight to Denver and hunting for three floor tickets to Springsteen’s Monday night Pepsi Center gig, where Chris and my college friend Seth will hopefully experience the same metaphysical transformation as I did a week ago.

The Boss’ four-disc rarities collection Tracks and my custom, 50-song best-of Bruce iTunes playlist have on repeat and turned up to 11 for the past five days (sorry, elderly neighbors!), so you’ll have to forgive me for my second Springsteen post in seven days. Let’s take a look at the coolest picture sleeves featuring everybody’s favorite New Jersey resident!

5. “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”

A song commonly used to close out Springsteen shows with a bang, “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” is the second track on 1975’s seminal Born to Run LP. Its single, backed with album track “She’s the One,” closely mirrors the record’s iconic artwork, zooming in on the singer’s face as he leans on Clemons’ left shoulder. The sleeve also features some groovy ‘70s lettering!






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