Denny’s Teams Up with “The Hobbit” for Trading Cards, Middle-earth Entrées

Collect all 12 “Hobbit” trading cards!

Well, this is a match made in the Undying Lands. Everybody’s favorite 3 a.m. eatery, Denny’s, has teamed up with New Line Cinema for a series of menu items and promotional collectibles based on upcoming Middle-earth flick The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

If every wannabe Hobbit and Elf in the country wasn’t already planning on heading to Denny’s for second dinner (or first breakfast?) after the film’s December 13 midnight premiere, special entrées like Gandalf’s Gobble Meat and the Hobbit trading cards diners get free with purchase should seal the deal. I usually don’t associate fantastical Hollywood blockbusters with freeway exit restaurant chains, but I’d say Denny’s has hit a Grand Slam with their latest pairing.

Through mid-January, when you buy any of the restaurant’s 11 Hobbit-themed meals (other delectable-looking options include The Ring Burger, Radagast’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies and Bilbo’s Berry Smoothie), you’ll receive a pack of exclusive Unexpected Journey cards and Denny’s coupons. It’s unclear how many cards are in a pack, but there are 12 in total (including two limited-edition cards), with each featuring a different character from the movie. Just don’t spill any the Dwarves Turkey & Dressing Dinner on them!

And if you think slipping one of The Ring Burger’s onion rings on your finger will make you and the five orders of Shire Sausage Skillet in front of you invisible to judgemental customers and concerned Denny’s employees, think twice. It certainly didn’t work for me today.



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